Therapy groups offer certain advantages over individual therapy such as:

  1. Emotional support and validation by others
  2. Suggestions and insight by others
  3. Learning new ways to communicate and express feelings
  4. Open, honest feedback in a safe setting
  5. Hopeful feelings often result from seeing how other people handle difficult life situations
  6. Learning new ways to solve problems from others
  7. "I'm not the only one who feels this way – I'm not the only person who feels not good enough"
  8. We feel better about ourselves when we help others
  9. Groups often have an educational component
  10. Groups are generally less costly than individual therapy

These benefits of group psychotherapy have been studied scientifically and the results show that group therapy is a highly effective approach to dealing with human problems. For example, Irvin D. Yalom, M.D. has conducted a great deal of research and found 10 curative factors in group therapy (1970 The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy).

 Types of Group Therapy

There are many different types of therapy groups, and many different methods are used by group therapists. At the Relationship Center Of South Florida, we use three of the most common types of group therapy methods:

  1. Educational Groups – We provide information on a range of subjects depending upon the focus of the group. For example, we teach clients about relationships and what makes for a successful marriage; men's roles and how men tend to sabotage relationships and careers; information about anxiety and panic attacks; depression; and the facts about chemical dependency and recovery.
  2. Process-oriented Psychotherapy Groups – In this type of group, there is open, generally unstructured discussion between the group members. There may be a focus on specific topic areas, such as relationships, women's or men's issues. The role of the group therapist is to facilitate the discussion, and to comment on the interactions between the group members (that is, the "process" within the group). There is a "here and now" focus on what is actually happening between group members. This is effective because "…the interpersonal behavior in the group of each patient is an accurate representation of his interpersonal behavior outside the group." (I. Yalom)
  3. Action Methods and Psychodrama – These experiential methods of group therapy such as role playing, help clients to express their feelings more openly and directly; and to gain deeper insight into themselves and others. These methods are also useful in practicing new and more satisfying behaviors.

At Paradise Counseling and Therapy services of South Florida, we offer the following types of groups:

Men's Therapy Groups

A range of issues unique to men are addressed. Group methods include open discussion and action methods, including psychodrama. The issues addressed include relationships, self-confidence and the inner critic, dealing with emotions, anger management, life stress, anxiety and depression. Special attention is paid to men's roles: husband, father, son, brother, work roles, and balancing the various role demands. A variety of counseling methods are used.

Women's Therapy Groups

These therapy groups are conducted by female therapists who are sensitive to the special circumstances and struggles women face today. The issues addressed include the pressures and demands women struggle with today, unreasonable expectations by others and by women themselves, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy patterns such as eating disorders, addictions, and relationship problems.

Challenging Relationships

This is a brief weekend therapy-workshop with a small group of couples, some married, and some in committed partnerships. Relationships are challenging, and our important relationships need to be challenged. In this group we use open discussion, education on successful relationships, and action psychotherapy methods, such as psychodrama, to explore, heal, and grow our most important relationships.

Couples Therapy Group

This weekly, ongoing group is composed of couples – married couples and unmarried couples in long-term relationships. A wide range of issues are addressed, including communication, dealing with fights and arguments, emotional and physical distance in the relationship, trust issues and affairs, and managing all types of conflicts and power struggles.

Anxiety And Depression

This group addresses mood disorders, such as anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, depression, and bipolar disorder. Education on these problems is provided, and there are open discussion and homework assignments. This therapy group includes open discussion, group support, and a solution-oriented approach. There is a special emphasis on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This group provides education on how to achieve a successful relationship or marriage, using a variety of marriage and couples counseling methods open group discussion, and action methods, such as psychodrama. Therapy groups are generally provided in the evenings or on Saturdays for approximately two hours, once per week. Some groups are time limited (for example, 8-10 weeks), and some are ongoing. We provide mental health counseling and therapy, substance abuse counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, trauma counseling, stress management, spiritual counseling, addictions, relapse prevention, grief and loss counseling, anger management and other metal health conditions in Davie, FL - Cooper City, FL - Miramar, FL - Weston, FL - Hollywood, FL - Sunrise, FL - Plantation, FL - Pembroke Pines, FL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL and other surrounding cities in South Florida.