Enlightenment Counseling Services

Appointment Information

When you contact Enlightenment Counseling you receive a 15 minute consultation at absolutely no cost to you. Call me today at 754-300-8107 or email me at Betsy@EnlightenmentCounseling.com to get started on your way to recovery!

Session Length

All sessions are 60 minutes in length unless other arrangements have been made with your counselor. We offer 90 minute sessions, if there is additional time needed, such as during a family session or during an intake.

Therapy Frequency

At Enlightenment Counseling, therapy is typically attended once a week, but depending on the individual and their unique situation it can be more or less frequent.

Office Hours

Our office hours at Enlightenment Counseling are by appointment only.
We offer normal business hour appointments, as well as weekend availability, and evening hours.

Our Location

Our location is a beautiful modern office space located in Cooper City, please call me at 754-300-8107 or email me at Betsy@EnlightenmentCounseling.com . We provide fully furnished comfortable office in a great soothing environment. There are four therapy rooms, one large enough for small groups or family therapy, one perfect for play therapy and a private rest room and kitchenette. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW


Please call (754)-300-8107 or email


to set up a free phone consultation or to inquire which specialty group is available


We provide mental health counseling and therapy, substance abuse counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, trauma counseling, stress management, spiritual counseling, addictions, relapse prevention, grief and loss counseling, anger management and other metal health conditions in Davie, FL - Cooper City, FL - Miramar, FL - Weston, FL - Hollywood, FL - Sunrise, FL - Plantation, FL - Pembroke Pines, FL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL and other surrounding cities in South Florida.